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Six ways to integrate with CCC Secure Share

Business Scenario

In this scenario, an app developer named "Acme" wishes to share data with a common accounting system for the purpose of recordkeeping, financial analysis, and reporting related to a vehicle damage repair. The CCC Secure Share™ Program (CCC Secure Share) has defined a set of fields called the "Limited Accounting Message" of which all or some may be passed to a third-party accounting system without that entity being a registered CCC Secure Share App Developer.

For additional details please review CCC Secure Share™ Program Limited Accounting Messages.


STEP 1: Acme configures app in CCC Secure Share

App must be wholly owned by Acme.

APP 1 Tile

STEP 2: Repair Facility configures data sharing

Repair shop decides which app(s) it wants to share data with.

APP 1 Tile Checked

Data Sharing

Estimate data may be sent when the repair facility saves changes to the estimate, locks the estimate, or chooses to manually export the data in the CCC ONE® Estimating software.

Limited accounting message