App Developers

The CCC Secure Share™ network (CCC Secure Share) allows thousands of collision repairers using the CCC ONE® Total Repair platform (CCC ONE) to connect to your app using cloud-based APIs. And with a listing in CCC ONE you will have exposure to the largest network of collision repairers allowing existing and new customers to start sharing data with your app through a single click.

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Listing your app in CCC ONE is easy. Click here to learn more and register your app(s) today.

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Collision Repairers

CCC is leading the industry in the adoption of the CIECA BMS format, which will transform how you connect and share data with other apps. With CCC Secure Share, you’ll be able to share data through a secure connection in the cloud without having to configure file export paths or install third party data pumps. Additionally, you’ll be able to see to whom data is going and can turn data access on or off as you see fit.

Take control of data security

Learn more about how CCC Secure Share will help you take control of data security and connect your collision repair shop with a marketplace of third party apps.

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Insurance Companies

Securing your policyholder information is critical to your business. With CCC Secure Share, data is transmitted from collision repairers through a secure cloud based connection between CCC and third party apps. And the BMS message format permits collision repairers to transmit only the relevant and necessary data to those apps, and block the transmission of ancillary data that nobody needs to see.

Enhanced data security

Learn more about how CCC Secure Share will help secure data used by collision repair facilities.

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