Frequently Asked Questions

CCC Secure Share™ network FAQs

What is CCC Secure Share™ network?

CCC Secure Share™ network (CCC Secure Share) is a cloud-based application program interface (API) that allows collision repairer licensees of CCC ONE® Estimating to control their sharing of data with registered third party app developers via a secure channel using the CIECA BMS data standard.

Who is CIECA?

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) is a non-profit organization that develops electronic communication standards for the collision industry to be more efficient. CIECA members have access to, and the right to use, CIECA standards. To learn more about CIECA and the benefits of membership visit

What is EMS?

Estimate Management Standard (EMS) is a data standard published by CIECA in 1994. This standard is no longer maintained or updated by CIECA.

What is BMS?

Business Message Suite (BMS) is the current data standard published by CIECA. BMS is actively supported by CIECA and enhanced through bi-annual releases. This specification intrinsically supports more secure data transfer than EMS by enabling the sender to determine which elements of the estimate should be included in the message.

Why retire EMS?

Originating in 1994, EMS is now an outdated standard and lacks many of the data advantages of the newer BMS standard. EMS has several limitations including: no encryption, no security logging, and no ability to segment data by use. Lastly, EMS uses Windows flat file storage which means that it doesn't work well for modern web and mobile platforms that don't use flat-file storage.

What are the benefits of CCC Secure Share for collision repairers?

CCC Secure Share will enable collision repairers to control the distribution of their data and better secure the data that is shared. Collision repairers will no longer need to store EMS files on their local computers or transmit EMS data through data pumps, both of which pose data security risk. In addition, CCC Secure Share enables the collision repairer to only share information with third party applications that is necessary to the function of the receiving application.

What are the benefits of CCC Secure Share for insurance companies?

Insurance companies will benefit from the enhanced security that comes from CCC Secure Share through enhanced control of data transmission to third party app developers by collision repairers.

What are the benefits of CCC Secure Share to third party app developers?

CCC Secure Share will enable third party app developers to take advantage of the new technology by no longer having to build complex apps that must be installed on hundreds or in some cases thousands of computers in order to extract local EMS data from collision repairers. Through a single connection with CCC Secure Share, third party app developers will have access to data shared from the CCC collision repairer network.

When will CCC Secure Share be available for app developers?

App developers can register for CCC Secure Share starting on October 1, 2016. Upon approved registration, app developers will have access to technical documentation, APIs, and samples. App developers will need to be an active CIECA member before registration will be processed.

When will CCC Secure Share be available to collision repairers?

The CCC Secure Share™ Marketplace was launched on April 4, 2017. Collision repairers can configure data sharing with third-party apps through the Marketplace by navigating to Configure > CCC Secure Share™ within the CCC ONE platform.

How are independent appraisers impacted by this change?

CCC will continue to support EMS for independent appraisers using CCC ONE® Appraisal platform. CCC will consider offering CCC Secure Share for independent appraisers in the future.

Will collision repairers be charged a fee?

No. CCC Secure Share is a cloud-based API that enables collision repairers to voluntarily share data with third party app developers.

Will insurance companies be charged a fee?

No. Furthermore, at this time, CCC Secure Share is not available for insurance companies.

Will third party app developers be charged a fee?

The third party app developers will pay a per-workfile transaction fee for accessing the cloud-based API. There will also be a one-time processing and implementation fee which will be waived for those that register prior to January 1, 2018.

Why are third party app developers being charged a fee?

CCC is making a significant investment in infrastructure, software development, cloud hosting, additional security measures and the ongoing support of CCC Secure Share. It is a standard industry practice for third party app developers to pay a fee for cloud-based APIs in order to offset the costs associated with the development and support of those interfaces.

Will all EMS transaction types be supported on CCC Secure Share?

Yes. CCC already supports the BMS standard for collision repair assignments. The remaining EMS transaction types for Estimate, Final Bill, and Part Price Changes will be available on CCC Secure Share, but in a CIECA BMS-equivalent data format.

When will CCC end support for EMS?

CCC ONE® Estimating for collision repairers will discontinue support of EMS export in April 2018. CCC is providing an 18-month window for development beginning October 2016 and ending on April 2018.

Will EMS and BMS work in parallel?

Yes. CCC is providing a one-year period from April 2017 to April 2018 when EMS and BMS will work in parallel for registered third party app developers.