Share estimate data with apps securely

Collision repairers

Today's collision repairers use many types of software and websites to perform a range of activities including estimating, shop management, parts ordering, CSI, and more.

These software apps are connected using a variety of technologies including EMS files. The CIECA EMS data standard has been around since 1994. Since then CIECA has published a new standard called "BMS", which provides substantially more robust controls around data security, more data elements, and support for modern technologies like web and mobile apps.

There are many voices in the industry advocating for the use of the CIECA BMS standard and CCC has decided to embrace and support this movement with the announcement of the CCC Secure Share™ network (CCC Secure Share).

How does CCC Secure Share work?

CCC Secure Share makes it possible for a collision repairer to easily share data from the CCC ONE platform in real-time with any registered third party app using the BMS format.

The process is simple: within the CCC ONE platform, collision repairers are able to browse a listing of available apps and may choose to activate or de-activate sharing with those apps at any time. As an analogy, it's similar to how a person can add or remove apps from their smart phone via an app marketplace.

When can I get started?

The CCC Secure Share™ Marketplace is live. To explore the Marketplace, select Configure > CCC Secure Share™ from within the CCC ONE platform.

How are BMS and EMS different?

At its core, CCC Secure Share uses BMS to provide layers of data protection that don't exist with traditional EMS, including:

Encryption Data is 128-bit encrypted during transmission.
Secure data sharing Collision repairers decide whether to share data with third party software app(s).
Transparency Apps are classified by type and limited data elements are exchanged based on app category. For example, a CSI app would receive estimate data elements relevant to conducting a CSI survey, not the full estimate.
Cloud-based Integration is cloud based, so no data is saved to local disk.
Security logging All transactions between apps are logged.

More Information

If you have questions or would like to learn more about CCC Secure Share, you can contact us or checkout FAQs for answers to common questions.